Weekend Warrior

Chinese Bio-Weapons Target Caucasians, Narwhal Tusk Terrorist Prevention & Animal Lover Cenk Uygur

Episode 123 kicks off with quick headlines. An Englishman working at Newcastle University was fired for accidentally emailing “Hi Hash Brown” to a foreigner. Virginia governor says, 'We welcome refugee resettlement in Virginia.' Four people were violently attacked in a NY bar for being White and Twitter’s terms of service explicitly allows pedophiles to discuss ‘attraction towards minors.’ Canada is enriched by an immigrant who dumps his feces onto students at two universities and a black police association in the UK says a black officer's prosecution for possessing child pornography is racism. A study reveals that binge drinking has doubled amongst childless women aged 30-44. 8Chan’s Fredrick Brennan sells out and attacks BitChute. After Zimbabwe cleansed White farmers, they are now on the brink of starvation and malnutrition. Also, the gay Iraq defense minister who stole welfare money from Sweden is being investigated for war cimes. In NZ, the first HIV sperm bank opens. Amazon quietly reveals plans to put Alexa in almost everything and Seth Rogen is given an award for promoting “Jewish identity.”

Then, onto our video segment playing notable clips of the week and later we discuss London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan’s connections and China’s bio-weapons targeting Caucasians.

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