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Clown World: The Joker & The Alex Jones Deposition

Episode 92 begins with quick headlines, followed by Google who cancelled their AI ethics board after one conservative on the board led to an outcry. In Sweden, a Russian man flees with his kids to Poland after Swedish social services unlawfully seized his children. At Kansas University, a new course is offered to study “angry White men.” During a convocation at Liberty University, a mentally sick fan rushed onto the stage seeking help from Jordan Peterson. Muslims in Utah form a group working exclusively to elect Muslims. Jessie Peterson interviews a funny troll named Michael Gallagher-Ashurst who went from SJW beta to alpha. We also play and comment on Alex Jones’ circus of a deposition, led by Mark Bankston, which was filmed and released on YouTube. Later, we watch the trailer for the new Joker movie. Joker in 1989 was made from toxic waste vs. the Joker in 2019 who made from society.


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Facebook Banned Red Ice

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Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

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