Western Warrior

Controlled Demolition of the West, Christian Globalism vs. Pagan Nationalism

Episode 236 begins on Microsoft's sly antiracism activism. Alex Jones is ordered to pay $49.3 million to two Sandy Hook families. 

The controlled demolition of the west continues. The world's largest chemical company cuts down on ammonia production, a key ingredient in fertilizers. Global poultry culling doubles as food shortages deepen. A Swedish food historian and scientist says meatless substitutes are doomed to fail. The US senate votes to add Sweden and Finland to NATO and the Swedish military says supporting gay pride is just as important as defending the country. 

The US senate also passed the Inflation Reduction Act which is nothing but a big scam. There is nothing in it that benefits the average citizen and in fact raises taxes on everyone. Former CIA director John Brennan pushes geoengineering to beat "global warming" and Dutch police beat peaceful farmers protesting. 

Later, we discuss what Christian Nationalism is and how it is different from Pagan Nationalism. Our folk should always matter first.



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