Weekend Warrior

Coronavirus Hits Italy & Jewish Campaign to Fight White Nationalism

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Episode 134 kicks off with quick headlines. A California prison inmate killed 2 convicted pedophiles and is called a hero on social media. Google is busted for deep linking technology and Hollywood is implementing a new AI tool to scan scripts for “diversity bias.” Adopted daughter of Steven Spieldberg, Mikaela Spielberg wants to be a star in adult entertainment. Also, a dozen towns in northern Italy are on lockdown after the first Coronavirus fatality in Italy. In America, Bernie Sanders is in the Democratic lead.

Disney is proud to show their first openly gay character and a man shows how ridiculous it is to assume your toddler is transgender. 

A Jewish campaign was launched to “defeat White nationalism” and lawmaker Max Rose wants to make being pro-White terrorism. Meanwhile, MSNBC suggests that the FBI should be tracking young White men online to radicalize them, provide them with resources for creating explosives, and then arrest them. 

Later, flat earth conspiracist and daredevil "Mad" Mike Hughes died after his parachute deployed too soon in a crash landing in a home-made rocket.



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