Weekend Warrior

Covid Breakthrough Cases, UK To Medicate Water Supply & Billionaires Want To Live Forever

Episode 201 kicks off on volcanoes erupting in La Palma and Hawaii. A New Zealand trans woman weightlifter was named “sportswoman” of the year. More parents are speaking out and getting confrontational at school board meetings. Liberals want Biden to label these parents as dangerous terrorists.

A hospital demands that unvaccinated spouses of employees pay $200 per month to remain insured. Covid breakthrough cases of the vaccinated surge and may be the reason for unvaccinated now getting sick. The CDC director admits that the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission. We’re told that the covid vaccine prevents hospitalization but it may actually increase the risk of being hospitalized. The media fully ignores India’s success using Ivermectin.

Across European countries, covid tyranny protests continue.

2020 saw the worst murder rates in American history. America’s migration replacement continues as the border is flooded by the third world.

In Sweden, the recent bomb suspect is a known insane Polish man. Also, the UK is now considering medicating the drinking water supply with toxic fluoride despite the evidence against it. Amazon releases a new house robot and eternal life on Earth has become the quest for billionaires.



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