Western Warrior

Covid Jab Killed Foo Fighters’ Drummer? Biden Drivels About Regime Change in Russia, The ADL Defends Ukraine’s 'Nazis'

Episode 221 begins on the new Vikings movie called Northman. The vaccinated drummer for Foo Fighters died of a drug overdose and an enlarged heart not long after being in a horror movie where he also died. The Fabian socialist Russel Brand keeps getting promoted despite his vaccine commentary, which is suspicious. An English woman confronts anti-White views at a BAMEed conference The world's top tennis player, who is Russian, is banned from Wimbledon unless he denounces Putin publicly.

Canada introduces new crypto regulation asking for names and addresses for each transaction and Russia considers accepting Bitcoin for oil and gas.

Biden admits the goal is a regime change in Russia and the msm and White House attempt to cover for his slip up. Biden also talked about the new liberal order and moving forward. Jacques Attali predicted in 2014 that WWIII would start over Ukraine and Russia. The ADL defends Ukraine's Nazis because they don't attack Jews. In total hysteria, Germany bans the letter Z.

Zelensky didn't speak at Oscar's so will Sean Penn destroy his Oscars like he said?



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