Weekend Warrior

Covid Thanksgiving, Alt-Tech Targeted & NYC School To 'Reform' White Children

Episode 169 begins on two counties in Oregon who are pushing for legislature to secede and join Idaho. CNN wants alt-tech platforms banned and Kyle Rittenhouse is out on bail after childhood actor Ricky Schroder donated to his bail fund. More on Covid-19 madness, lockdowns, protests and sketchy testing. They are trying to cancel Thanksgiving. In the UK, you could be given a “freedom pass” if you have two negative coronavirus tests in a week.

In America it’s trans awareness week (as if we don’t hear about it enough) and the US military is getting ready to deploy the dodgy coronavirus vaccine. Vice says White people are always ready to kill black bodies for White people and journalist Megyn Kelly pulled her kids out of an elite New York City school after they sent a letter telling parents their plan to "reform white children.”



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