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Critical Race Theory Stopped In Florida & Iowa, Jewish Groups Demand Open Borders & Our Mutant Simulated Future

Twitter is concerned about human rights and free speech in Nigeria after the country blocks Twitter. More Demoncrats demand that Alex Jones be arrested for being the leader of the January 6th “insurrection.” It was just another weekend in diverse America as shooting sprees took place around the country. In Austin, Texas the local press refuses to mention the mass shooter was black to not “perpetuate stereotypes.”

Florida and Iowa join other states in banning antiWhite critical race theory indoctrination in schools. A 6th grade “teacher” in Missouri attacks a White male student who asked why straight kids weren't allowed to have her "unicorn cupcakes." An educator/parent told her school board about a biracial kid who tried to commit suicide after CRT indoctrination because he was ashamed of his White half. Imagine how the White kids feel!

49 Jewish groups including the ADL demand a “pathway to citizenship” for illegals but not in Israel. Also, Netanyahu is out as Israel forms a new coalition government.

The Leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, was arrested in Manitoba after making an appearance to speak out against government lockdowns at a rally with supporters in a small town. In New Hampshire, students who attended prom were asked to present their vaccine card and if they didn’t have one, they were marked with a number and a U for unvaccinated. Pro-vaxxers are afraid of people using Yelp to expose what establishment requires a vaccine card.

New footage shows Wuhan bio lab kept live bats inside the facility and data shows more than 15,000 experimental files that "disappeared" when the virus surfaced.

We question if we are being primed for a manufactured global power outage but maybe it’s not such a bad thing considering things like TikTok mansions.

Simulate, a “plant-based meat” company is pushing lab-created Nuggs as the future of food.

The state of Ohio filed an unprecedented lawsuit calling on a local court to declare Google a public utility subject to government regulation regarding its search engine and other services.



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