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Deportation Sickness Hoax, Globohomo Studies & Evil Google Achieves Quantum Supremacy

Episode 114, begins with more on Greta Thunberg as the Church of Sweden is ringing bells to celebrate her. Also, in the wacky church of climate change a seminary encourages students to confess their sins to plants. As we said a few years go, “resignation syndrome,” which tormented refugees facing deportation from Sweden, was all a hoax in order to get asylum. Sweden is also considering dropping ancient history from school curriculum and replacing it with postmodern globohomo studies.

The anti-White brainwashing of kids continues in America. We look at upcoming curriculum for White children. The “anti-racist” action in the UK held a conference where White people were banned from asking questions and banned from entering safe spaces for people of color. In France, a young female pro-open borders/refugees activist was killed by the “migrant” she took into her house.

Dershowitz doubles down, says he never met Jeffrey Epstein's underage sex slave Virginia Roberts Giuffre and asks the judge to throw out the lawsuit. In dystopian sci-fi news, Google have unfortunately achieved “quantum supremacy” and might break the cryptography of bitcoin and any military encryption. We also look at new footage released of a Boston Dynamics robot doing parkour and the commercial for Spot, the helper robot that now is for sale.


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