Western Warrior

Destroy Nature To Fight Climate Change, Exodus From Reality, J6 Prisoners Tortured, Fed or Just Fed Up?

Episode 204 begins on a male marketing VP at Novant Health in North Carolina who was fired for being White and replaced with two female diversity hires. He was awarded $10m in a discrimination lawsuit. A survey found that 77% of White students who claim "minority" status are accepted into college.

America wants to roll out a new digital driver's license that will include your vaccine status and eventually your political party, travel records, credit score and social credit score.

The Biden regime is seriously considering an offer up to $450k to every illegal border crosser who claims they were separated from their family under Trump. We also take a look at Biden's "build back better" framework which is mainly focused around race based wealth redistribution.

The climate change agenda is one of the most destructive on the planet. Forests are being criticized for being carbon sinks. The cult is talking about building machines to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere. The fossil fuel industry is now a striking example of White supremacy. Also, AT&T, a telecommunications company, says White people are the problem.

In Italy, a new tyrannical anti free speech LGBTQ law was struck down and UK's online safety bill could send online trolls to jail.

Jan 6'ers are being tortured in solitary confinement in a DC prison while other visible instigators and feds walk free.

Later, a famous female Spanish thriller novelist turns out to be three men creating an outrage by feminists.



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