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Dugin’s Daughter Murdered, Decolonized Ballet, Technically It's Cannibalism & Engineered Doomsday

A homosexual is upset about a woman breastfeeding in public but degenerate pride parades are ok for kids. The rise of woke archeology seeks to queer up the past, claiming ancient finds are trans and gay. 

Married Finnish PM and party girl Sanna Marin is caught with a man at a club. Multicultural Sweden reports a record number of murders so far this year. Alexander Dugin's daughter was killed in a car bomb intended for him. The Russian military hosts an international anti-fascist conference. 

The effort to decolonize White supremacist ballet has been realized. We'll show you what it looks like. Vanguard, the world’s second-largest asset manager, pushes diversity training telling White men they should feel uncomfortable. CNN's Brian Stelter was fired but who's next? 

Bug eating is being promoted as the new hottest thing but cannibalism is just a technicality now. Fetal cells are already in some major brands. The recent droughts in Europe have made the  "Hunger Stones'' visible in some Czech and German rivers. These stones were used to mark desperately low river levels that would forecast famines. We question though, if an engineered doomsday is coming to fulfill Biblical prophecy. 

Peter Theil's building permit to construct a luxury bunker hobbit-like house in New Zealand was rejected. Also in New Zealand, people are sicker than ever. 75,000 Brits vow to stop paying their energy bills as part of the ‘Don’t Pay’ campaign. In America, rainbow colored fentanyl pills targeting kids are pouring in from Mexico.



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