Western Warrior

Dutch Farmers Protest Agenda 2030 Style Mega-City Land Grab, Sri Lanka’s Collapse, Pastor Jailed 18 Years For ‘Hate Speech’

Episode 232 begins with Wimbledon, which was won by a Russian woman and an unvaccinated man. We're told high fuel prices are a reminder of why we need to transition to a green economy. While electric vehicles are being pushed into the mainstream, where will they plug in? Fake environmentalists tell us that climate driven diseases are the future.

Dutch farmers continue to protest. Some farmers say the government is trying to take the land, not limit nitrogen. Sri Lanka's economy has collapsed and the masses storm the presidential palace and burn down the president's home. Protests spark in other countries over inflation and bogus environmental policy. Meanwhile, Biden is sending $400 million to Ukraine. Biden also signed an executive order pushing abortion pills.

A Brazilian pastor is sentenced to over 18 years in prison for praying an anti-semitic prayer and Uruguay bans covid shots for children.



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