Western Warrior

Elites Tie Virginia Gun Rights Rally To “White Supremacy” & Weinstein's Mossad Agents

Episode 129 begins with the best tweets of the week. Then, Brazil’s Bolsanaro fires top culture official over speech supposedly evoking “Nazi propaganda.”

Also, an update on the upcoming Virginia 2nd Amendment rally against gun control and things to be aware of. Antifa is set to protest alongside 2A advocates and several “neo-Nazis” have been arrested for allegedly planning criminal activity at the event, as claimed by an uncover fed. Conveniently, Senator Dick Durbin is simultaneously pushing his anti “domestic terrorist” bill to stop nationalism for White people and the SPLC testifies before congress to terrorist label nationalism for White people and speech critical of immigration.

In Düsseldorf, Germany 11,500 people were evacuated from their homes after construction workers on a road found a very old big WWII bomb and major protests erupted in France over the weekend. In a tale of 2 subways, we compare Poland’s subway to France.

South Dakota GOP Gov Kristi Noem signed an executive order banning boycotts of Israel and 60 Minutes Australia shows how 'former' Mossad agents worked to shut down Harvey Weinstein story.

Later, Harry and Meghan give up their royal titles and claim to forgo state funding.



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