Weekend Warrior

Environmentalism is “White Supremacy” & Anti-White Movie Midsommar Is “Silent White Supremacy”

Episode 109 kicks off with the latest attacks on Red Ice from YouTube manipulating algorithms to UK media mentioning Lana in a loose connection to Nigel Farage in an effort to label him “alt-right.” Also, a laughable opinion piece claims that the anti-White movie Midsommar is a “White supremacists wet dream.”

Billboards that read, “Say No To Mass Immigration” pop up in Canada and James Sears of Your Ward News gets one year in jail for “promoting hate.” There’s nowhere anti-Whites won’t go, now claiming magnets can be used to manipulate the brain to lessen faith in God and to create positive views towards immigrants. South Dakota University tells White law students that they are “taking up space” and refers them to a flow chart before speaking. The neo-conservative right is pushing the message that environmentalism now is White supremacy and based on xenophobia, and that endless population growth is sustainable. Meanwhile, the left tells White people it’s immoral to have children in the age of climate change.

Lastly, Hasan Piker of the communist, The Young Turks claims he was quoted out of context when he said America deserved 9/11 and praised the Mujahideen.



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