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Epstein Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking & Kamala Harris’ Ancestors Owned Slaves

Episode 102, begins with quick headlines. US mainstream media cuts 12,000 jobs in 2019, the most since the 2009 economic crash. Former NYPD commissioner told Tucker Carlson that he’d like to see antifa classified as a domestic terrorist group. Thomas Jefferson's hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia will no longer mark his birthday. Meanwhile, it was revealed that anti-White want to be president Kamala Harris’ family owned slaves, even White ones! Finally, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for alleged child sex trafficking.

Also, we laugh at Angela Saini's book, “Superior” and an Austrian feminist who says that European women need to get used to foreign men treating them badly. Tragically, the uncle of a 14 year old girl who was gang raped by 6 migrants was outraged to see them set free from a Barcelona court. He tried to take justice in his own hands but the cops protected the migrant rapists. In Germany, a leftie politician Lübcke was shot in the head at close range.

A Nova Scotia chiropractor was ordered to pay $100K over anti-vaccination Facebook posts. At Cambridge University, a student accuses the school of 'structural racism' and quits her PhD because she doesn't want to benefit from “White privilege” and a math teacher loses her job for defending Western Civilization

Later, lost Lewis Viking chessman piece sells for £735,000 at an auction. The previous owner's late mother believed it had magical qualities.


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