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#EpsteinMurdered, Salvini Advancing & Internet's Gatekeeper Susan Wojcicki

We kick off Ep107 with a few quick stories. Laura Loomer is running for congress, and the $15/hr min wage is backfiring in NY. Then, was Jeffrey Epstein murdered? We discuss the latest. Meanwhile, a shooting happened in Norway and the press isn't reporting on the full story behind Matteo Salvini's “nasty gypsy” comment. The partial Dutch ban on face covering clothing takes effect and Hungary launches a new pro-family budget where married couples who have three children will be eligible to receive €30,600 by the government. Also, Gillette doubles down and loses billions after going woke but says "it was worth it" and Internet's gatekeeper Susan Wojcicki doesn't know much about their next step to end 'bullying' of leftist YouTube creators. We end with a tribute to the Sky King, Rich "Beebo" Russell, who did his last flight one year ago yesterday.


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You Have No Right NOT To Take The Trump Vaccine

You Have No Right NOT To Take The Trump Vaccine

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Why I Support Free Speech

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