Western Warrior

EU Act Bans 'Hate Speech', The Northman 'Hijacked By White Supremacists,' NASA To Broadcast Our Location & Genetics To Aliens

Episode 224 begins on Elon Musk buying Twitter. Clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch is attacked for White supremacy, racism, sexism and fatphobia. The new Norse themed movie called The Northman is criticized for attracting White supremacists with it's all White cast and masculinity.

The European Union pushes ahead with authoritarian censorship and the Digital Service's Act. The Jewish gay teacher's union boss of America claims that conservative parents wanting more input in curriculum is "how wars start." Macron wins the re-election in France.

Ukraine is an important place for Jews who now claim their pilgrimage site was targeted. Crimea was a potential homeland for Jews. Also, Muslim soldiers are fighting for Russia in Ukraine.

Fauci says the CDC should be above the law. In a dumb move, Nasa is going to broadcast our location to space aliens.



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