Western Warrior

Family Pride, Ireland is Full, The Degrowth Economy

Episode 267 begins with the Family Pride parade in Belgrade, Serbia. Meanwhile in America, Oregon’s governor is likely to sign into law a bill that allows for minors as young as 15 to get sterilizing sex change procedures without parental knowledge. 

Blacks in America fight in the theater during The Little Mermaid and migrants and other immigrants are receiving $3k/mo in food stamp welfare. Lana covers the massive rise in fraud and theft involving food stamps, which is costing US taxpayers billions a year. 

Ireland is full, yet continues to be flooded by migrants. A recent Red C poll, called for by the Shin Fein led center left government, finds that 75% of Irish people believe that the number of refugees Ireland is taking in is ‘now too many.’ This puts the new "hate speech" bill in a new light. 

Target lost $10 billion in 10 days after pushing trans merchandise for gay pride. After the loss, they pulled the most controversial pieces. Walmart, founded by a Christian conservative man Sam Walton, didn’t start out gay friendly but over the last 15 years they have become hardcore supporters. The Walmart of today sponsors more than 30 Pride events across the country and donates to LGBT orgs.

Later, more on the climate change psyop. Climate scientists flee Twitter as they say the "hostility" is surging against them. The Club of Rome held a "Beyond Growth Conference" meeting in the European Parliament a few weeks ago. The discussion included the need to decolonize White western civilization. 

A top central banker has warned of the damage the rush to ‘Net-Zero’ risks doing to Europe’s economy, and said to meet the insane green demands, it would require tearing down all of Europe's historical buildings to build "energy efficient" ones. 



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