Weekend Warrior

Fat Thor, Netflix Suicides & Holocaust Overload

Episode 96 begins with a few favorite tweets of the week. Then, a former Democrat candidate for congress says to boycott sex with conservative men. Nose hair extensions, the new beauty trend? A new Avengers movie will make Thor fat, lazy and depressed and a Netflix show aimed at teens is inspiring suicide. Also, a new study claims that 20% of millennials are LGBTQ. In Texas, a new bill would allow the state to sue social media companies over free speech and censorship.

In England, a new holocaust memorial is being built right by parliament to be a "constant reminder" and in Poland, people march to protest against proposed reparations for the holocaust. In Paris, taxi drivers are avoiding migrant areas to not scare tourists and the director of Amelie said no to sequel because 'Paris is ugly now.' In Sweden, parents are critical of mandatory pride participation for elementary school kids and in America, medieval scholars are upset that White nationalists are using European symbols from the Middle Ages.


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Facebook Banned Red Ice

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