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Feds In Chat With Buffalo Shooter, Gene-Editing Hamsters Into Rage Mutants, ‘Penis Women’ & Church Of England Apologizes To Jews

Episode 228 begins on a funny doctored video of Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla. Authorities are investigating if a retired federal agent knew of the Buffalo shooter's plans in advance, which opens up other questions. A Jewish Youtube host said someone should bomb the NRA building and it was ok with Youtube. The CDC is now getting involved in gun control as a public health issue. Senator Chuck Schumer supports abortion in America but not in Israel.

Despite global warming claims, some Antarctic shelved have grown in the last 20 years. A new highly reactive chemical is found in the Earth's atmosphere and The World Council For Health issued a statement on Monkeypox. A gene editing experiment using CRISPR technology to make Syrian hamsters more docile actually made them filled with rage and aggression.

A statue in the Netherlands of a woman with a penis is discussed after British Labour MP Stella Creasy said that women can be born with a penis.

The church of England apologized to Jews for something that happened 800 years ago while Jews continue to piggyback on "Judeo Christian" values to serve their own interests.



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