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Female Teacher Attacked by Global Press For Not Hating White People & Italy Shifts Right

Episode 55 begins on Germany where a female politician has proposed changing the national anthem to “make it more gender sensitive.” In New Orleans a restaurant charges White people more for the same meal than non-Whites and calls it “a social experiment.”

We've been saying all along how lefties suffer from mental illness. Well, Antifa is actively recruiting people who have a mental illness. Meanwhile, staunch anti-nationalist Sargon of Akkad recently had a run in with Antifa.

Lana was interviewed on a new rightist podcast called “Unapologetic,” hosted by Tiana Dalichov who is a school teacher. It turned into major national news, a witch hunt, resulting in her being removed from the classroom.

In more Russia bashing, the makers of "Icarus," won as Oscar for best documentary saying how the truth is more important now that ever and Amandla Stenberg says she turned down a role in ‘Black Panther’ because she is light skinned.

In positive news, Italy has shifted to the right after a recent election which means Matteo Salvini, who said he would deport 500k migrants, may become Prime Minister. In Sweden, ex SDU party member launches a new party: Alternative For Sweden

Law breaking Oakland, California Mayor Libby Schaff (D) is warning residents when Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducts raids to apprehend illegals in her city.

Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are using something called the 'Online Hate Index' created by the Anti-Defamation League. Their goal is to use AI to track speech they don't approve of.

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Too Many Women At University?

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