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‘First Black Briton’ That Wasn't, Leftist Disunity, ‘The Pill’ Alters Women’s Brain

Episode 287 begins on Iceland's impending volcanic eruption. On Armistice Day in the UK, football lads were arrested during pro-Palestinian protests. David Olusoga's claim that the "first Briton was black" has been destroyed by DNA analysis. The remains of Beachy Head Lady reveal that her ancestry was Southern European, most likely from Cyprus.

Two black daycare workers were arrested in SC for running a child fight ring. The D.C. Council is considering doing away with the exam requirement for certain types of social workers because too many people of color aren't passing. New research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology revealed that both black and White Americans associate black men with physical threat. A White teenager was beaten to death by a gang of blacks who robbed his friend and his dad said to not make it about race. According to new BEE agricultural export rules in South Africa, farms that are ‘too white’ will no longer be allowed to export to the UK and the EU.

The trannifesto of the Nashville trans school shooter revealed her violent hatred of White people. A new study suggests oral contraceptives shrink a region of the brain associated with regulating emotions and processing fear signals. The results clearly showed that use of oral contraceptives is associated with reduced cortical thickness of the centromedial prefrontal cortex.

Kamala Harris said that "AI-enabled mis/disinformation is an existential threat to democracy. Therefore, it must be controlled. The emergency Arab league meeting on Israel went nowhere. Liberals are infighting and turning on each other over Israel, creating division in "idyllic'' diverse neighborhoods.

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