Western Warrior

Forever Covid, Big Pharma & Media Push Annual Experimental mRNA Shots

Episode 195 kicks off on Trump who has raised more than $100 million in political cash in just six months from still hopeful Trump supporters. Pfizer has paid $4,660,896,333 in penalties since 2000 for health offenses, corruption and much more but they can continue doing business as usual.

A woman is beheaded in Minnesota after a liberal judge allowed her killer out of jail. Residents of the richest, Whitest neighborhood in Texas received a special letter from Dallas Justice Now demanding equity.

A liberal female journalist advocates for “porn for children” and New York Slimes says there is ‘no good reason’ you should have to be a citizen to vote.

After we look at the latest anti-White tyrant joining the Biden regime, we’ll discuss mandatory vaccines and the Delta variant. Vaccination is not enough to stop variants and may be spread by vaccinated people. Nonetheless, Pfizer and Moderna raise their Covid jab prices in the EU. A grandmother is jailed for 90 days for refusing to wear a face mask and Dave Cullen is targeted for harassment in Ireland because of his videos on Covid.

Iceland goes into a partial lockdown despite nearly 80% of its population being vaxxed. Australians posting anti lockdown posts are fined and Sydney police set up checkpoints to stop protests. Massive protests continue in France, Greece, Germany and Italy against the vaccine pass. Mexico’s president warns that we must not submit to the dictates of big pharma and Poland’s president Andrzej Duda is also vocal against compulsory vaccinations.

Sweden submits to globohomo pride once again and the American Medical Association says biological sex on a birth certificate is discriminatory.



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