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From Fire and Fury to Jordan Peterson's GMOs

In honor of the freezing cold weather sweeping across America and the US, we remind people about our older shows in the archives detailing the global warming hoax.

In NY, an NFL heiress was arrested after allegedly saying, “out of the way Jew” to a Jewish man in a restaurant. We also discuss the lying author Michael Wolff who released the book Fire and Fury all about President Donald Trump. Why does Trump believe his supposed quotes from Bannon?

Jordan Peterson was invited by Monsanto to give a talk at the American Farm Bureau Federation conference in Nashville on “The Danger of Allowing Ideologies to Grow Unopposed.” We'll talk about why they invited Peterson and remind people that GMOs are not good!

The German government admitted that the 93% crime increase is from non-White invaders but explain it away by saying they only act out because they have little hope since they don't qualify for residency, therefore see little reason to obey the law.

Meanwhile in Bangkok there's a thing called penis whitening and it's called racist and we play a new Netflix ad showing a cucked open relationship, which failed miserably on YouTube.

The show ends with a powerful scene, “I Am An Englishman,” from an episode of NCS Manhunt in 1992.


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No Country For Old Men

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