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Gender Madness, Getting Off On Abortion & Ilan Omar’s Minneapolis

Episode 112 starts with the latest headlines, then moves on to gender madness. In the UK, school girls protested the banning of skirts to conform to a new “gender neutral” dress code and a primary school makes children’s toilets gender neutral, leading to obvious problems. A deranged new sexual fetish emerged where couples get pregnant just to abort the baby and an abortion doctor was discovered to have more than 2,000 remains of baby parts scattered across his property. Also, in a disturbing case a teenage girl concealed an unwanted pregnancy, claimed it was stillborn, then tried to burn and bury the corpse. The madness continues with a story, *My Brother's Pregnancy and the Making of a New American Family.” Even more, the Canadian Cancer Society used a transgender “woman” on the cervical cancer page of their website.

Meanwhile, in Germany a man accused of being a Nazi is elected mayor in a small town. Disproportionately winning Nobel Prizes isn’t enough for Jews, now they have the Genesis Prize, exclusively for Jews.

In a triggering surveillance video, a White man was targeted, beaten and robbed by a gang of Somalis in Ilan Omar’s new multicultural Minneapolis, a city transformed by immigration and anti-White violence. She is guilty of inciting hate and violence against White men.

In a new global study, the majority of adults worldwide say their country’s society is broken and only 15% globally agree that their country “would be better off if we let in all immigrants who wanted to come here.” A small town in Ireland proves this to be true, as the town nearly unanimously stands against “refugees.”


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