Western Warrior

Hospitals, TikTok & Immigrants: Everything Is Being Weaponized

A meteor makes a loud boom as it travels across the Utah sky. Ontario's premier swallows a bee during a press conference. Nancy Pelosi says the useless inflation reduction act will save mother Earth.

Boston Children’s Hospital says that toddlers can know they're transgender. In fact, babies in the womb can know too! A CPS employee is caught on video telling a 14 year old girl to become a prostitute. A new report reveals that TikTok acts on children's brains like a candy store. There's a new trend on TikTok where young girls are pretending to have a mental disorder for views. Actress Anne Heche died after a bizarre car crash.

The NHS in England reported a record number of emergency calls for cardiac arrest and people stopping breathing. In Egypt, a student dies of "joy," according to his family. An Israeli lab has claimed to have grown synthetic mouse embryos with brains and beating hearts in an egg-free sperm-free procedure that used stem cells taken from skin. China introduces a new robot.

Businesses in Paris are fined for having air conditioning on with the doors open and England is rationing water. California is experiencing mega droughts and mega floods. Later, we show the submerged Roman city of Baia.



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