Western Warrior

Hostile Indians in Europe, American Redoubt, Sweden Enforcing NATO Backed Ban On Quran Burnings

Episode 256 of Western Warrior begins on the aftermath of cartoonist Scott Adams who said, "get the hell away from black people" in response to a recent poll. New Lord of The Rings movies are in the works, but with more diversity. 

Project Veritas removes founder James O'Keefe and another Israel First Con Inc. creature goes mask off. A rabbi's daughter comments on the difference between growing up Hasidic vs Ultra Orthodox and Joe Rogan is accused of making an antisemitic comment. 

Indians are moving into the west in great numbers. More Indians own property in the UK than the English. In Scotland, antiWhite Muslim leftist Humza Yousaf is running to become First Minister. Sweden's police refused to protect a rally that would have included a Quran burning after pressure from Muslims. More pedophile migrants are busted in the UK and school girls protest migrant rapists. 

Canada wants to introduce hate speech law in order to combat 'denialism' over the disputed facts of Indians killed at residential schools. Lefties are whining about Christian patriots who are fleeing blue states and heading for red states, like Idaho. Roald Dahl's popular children's books have been scrubbed by "sensitivity experts" in order to ensure they hold up for more progressive modern-day readers.

Later, more on the Nord Stream 2 terrorist attack and the old Scandinavian tradition of "Kulning."



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