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Icke Banned By YouTube & Globalists Say Coronavirus Is The New Normal

Episode 143 begins with the latest targets of censorship, David Icke and Unz Review. Then, onto notable tweets of the week. Mainstream voices say reopening the American economy is a conspiracy against black and brown people but also that nonWhites are being treated like slaves at their factory jobs during the lockdown. Also, numerous Harvard professors visited Epstein at his homes, at his island and even in jail but none of them lost their jobs for it. Running for congress, Laura Loomer claims to be a radical free speech absolutist yet said Americans who support BDS should be imprisoned and treated as terrorists. In latest headlines, the “murder hornet” has reached America, the ADL is going after gamers, a pilot gave a flying FU in the sky in response to his governor’s extended lock-down order, and Roger Stone documents confirm how the Israeli government helped Trump win the election. After our video segment, we’ll cover more on the Coronavirus, the coming vaccine, China, and how elites are billions richer after the lockdown, which we’re told may become the new normal.


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