Weekend Warrior

Idiotic Companies Against Voter ID Law, Intel’s Real Time Censorship AI, The 'Vaccination' Initiation On Social Media

Happy Easter! Episode 180 begins on the UK Covid police who shut down a Polish Easter Mass, threatening arrest if they didn’t leave church and go home.

In America, black on Asian violence continues and hypocritical corporate America signals against the new Georgia voter ID law. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are lightly talked about in the news after a follower rammed his car into a barricade at the US Capital, killing one White cop.

As vaccine passports are rolled out, the FBI wants Americans to know that it is a crime to misrepresent your vaccine status and Facebook is about to launch vaccine verified profiles. A Norwegian journalist says she’d “love to die” from AstraZeneca’s vaccine and liberals continue to signal with vaccine selfies.

Intel is releasing censorship software called Bleep, artificial intelligence intended for online gaming voice chat that will censor “toxic slurs.” Intel VP said that “toxic competitive voice chat is a problem that the entire industry has to address,” and that they will utilize AI acceleration on latest-generation Intel laptops and desktop platforms so liberals can ban language they don’t like. Also, YouTube is caught removing dislikes on videos of the official White House channel of President Joe Biden, claiming they are ensuring that the engagement is authentic and not fraudulent.

In New Jersey, two black daycare workers are caught on video encouraging young White boys to brawl. In Texas, truckers are smuggling in high numbers of illegals. In Montana, the Republican mayor bans sanctuary cities.

American Journalists who have made a career on ruining the lives of others based on lies have declared themselves a marginalized group needing therapy for trauma. Later, some weird science.



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