Weekend Warrior

'Inclusive Capitalism,' Talks of Secession & The Covid-19 Vaccine Is Here

Episode 171 begins with a few announcements. Then, Trump makes Christmas Eve a federal holiday. Visa/Mastercard block Pornhub after videos on their website show rape, child abuse, assault and human trafficking. Stripe bans Red Ice and several others coincidently around the time when they announce their partnership with blood sucking Goldman Sachs. The Vatican enters into a "global alliance" with Rothschild, Rockefeller & Ford Foundation, Mastercard, BoA, and others through the new "Council for Inclusive Capitalism" to create a "more inclusive, sustainable and trusted economic system." The Vatican also is displaying a very ugly nativity scene this year.

Trump's battle against voter fraud continues. SCOTUS drops the Texas lawsuit but more lawsuits are filed. Talks of secession are being had as conflict intensifies. Four people are stabbed in DC during anti-voter fraud protests and another communist "autonomous zone" is set up in Portland, Oregon.

The FDA approves Pfizer's sketchy Covid-19 vaccine, and it's already being shipped out. But what about the side effects, including 6 people who died during the trials? Sweden gets with the Covid lockdown and vaccination program and protesters are arrested.

Later, more on the Chinese takeover of America but we end with the beautiful Yule tradition of Lucia. Watch The Origins of the Lucia Tradition



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