Western Warrior

Indians "Taking Over" Corporate America, Repopulating European Villages, What We Can Do

Episode 248 begins on the upside down world of UK media claiming that White incels are the problem, not raping, rioting migrants. Elon Musk was seen hanging out with worm tongue Jared Kushner. Indians are the second largest ethnic group in America and are boasting about "taking over" corporate America.

Tiny European villages are being repopulated by refugees, who are given money to relocate. Politicians within the European Parliament are caught in a cash for influence scandal. Diverse Haiti has become a gangsters paradise and the most lawless place on Earth ruled by rape and violence. New Zealand intelligence wants citizens to snitch on family and friends who might become 'potential terrorists.'

An Epstein sex slave claims she has sex tapes of two of his associates having sex with an underaged girl. A new study claims eating less and moving more won't help you lose weight.

Society is sick. What can we do about it? Henrik and Lana present a few answers.

Lastly, Lana tells about the early birth of their daughter Sigrid and her stay in NICU.



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