Weekend Warrior

Institutional Anti-Whiteness, Vaccine Passports Are Here & Lil Nas X Satanic Music Video

Episode 179 opens on the Texas GOP who voted to delete their own Gab account despite promising to fight for free speech just a few days ago.

A restaurant in Detroit gets called classist and racist after posting a dress code and telling people to not enter smelling like marijuana. In DC, an Uber Eats driver gets carjacked and murdered by two teenage black girls. Also, another mass shooting in Virginia Beach. Florida State University is holding an anti-White “History of Karen” class to trash White women. Liberals propose the idea of an executive order that will enforce institutional healthcare racism against White people.

The shipping vessel Ever Given has finally been freed from the Suez Canal. Conspiracy theories about a vaccine passport are coming true and a class system is emerging based on those who are vaccinated and those who are not.

As if masks weren’t already bad enough, a chemical that causes penis shrinkage and infertility is found in face masks. Also, potentially contaminated and toxic face masks were distributed to schools and daycares in Canada.

A US Supreme Court judge expects that people will be forced to wear masks and stay home for another ten years. Should we prepare for a permanent pandemic?

Later, a horrible performer called Lil Nas X, who says children are his core audience, releases a music video where he pole dances to hell and gives Satan a lap dance. It coincides with the release of “Satan Shoes” partially made by Nike.



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