Weekend Warrior

Iran Raises Red Flag Of War & Media Elites Demand Restrictions On Social Media

Episode 127 begins with quick news. Fourth generation communist and Guardian ‘journalist,’ calls Hungary’s family policy antisemitic and fascist. 400,000 people are moving toward Turkey after the recent Assad-Putin offensive against the Islamist forces in Idlib. Singer Meat Loaf gets attacked for calling Greta Thunberg brainwashed. An online troll is forced to recant publicly and take anti-hate classes after tweeting at a black girl. In Italy, globalists move ahead with a trial against Salvini. In America, the first trans person to obtain legal 'non-binary' sex status has regrets and changed back to his birth sex.

Then we’ll discuss the latest with Iran, who just raised a red flag on their highest mosque warning of something big to come.

Later, a judge awarded $13 million to women who say they were tricked into pornography, people eating baby cakes and wildfires in Australia. Also, we take a look at a ridiculous Meet The Press discussion on social media “disinformation.”


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