Western Warrior

Israel-Palestine War Shatters Overton Window & Disintegrates Political Alliances

Episode 253 begins with a Pro-Israel message flown over the Hollywood sign. Gen Z'ers say they won't go to war if they're drafted. The Pro-Palestine protests across the world aren't looking so good for Israel. The US Army now seems to be trying to recruit White guys for possible WW3. A Russian general shares his experience on who makes the greatest soldiers. Israel's military is not very good and it's why they want America to fight this war for them. China stationed 6 warships in the Middle East over tensions from the Israel-Gaza war and the US conducts a nuclear test in Nevada.

Fake African American "Talcum-X'' Shaun King claims he helped free hostages from Hamas. A Norwegian medical student in Poland was expelled for holding an anti-Israel sign at a protest and Con Inc. calls Greta Thunberg a Nazi again. The question comes up of what we do with White liberals.

Conflict is rising between the woke left and the pro-Jewish ADL, creating a boomerang effect. Leftie Media Matters is in support of Israel claiming 10/7 was a Hamas holocaust.

An Australian politician read out a meme in parliament and it was hilarious. 

Later, we cover the "visual power of black rest" and a new African American AP class called "Black Joy" where they use playdough like children.



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