Western Warrior

Israeli Retaliation Is Coming, Muslim Migrants Go On Violent Rampage In The West

Episode 303 begins on Sweden's Walpurgis Night bonfire ban. It turns out, it wasn't because of the EU but because of Sweden's conservative government.

The knife attacker in Sydney, Australia was a Maltese bisexual escort but another stabbing also took place in Sydney by a Muslim teen who stabbed an Assyrian Orthodox priest.

A French teen was detained for demanding that foreign rapists be deported and an Arab was shot and killed by the French police after stabbing an Algerian. The face of the migrant who shot and killed a Swedish father in front of his 12 year old son has been revealed.

A leftie city councilor in Spain was exposed for eating his own excrement on pornographic sites and Fabians at The New Statesman are worried about rising anti-Zionism on the political right spectrum.

Iran struck Israel. Is retaliation incoming? What can we expect?



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