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It Was A Rough Year, Here Comes 2019

The last episode in 2018 kicks off with the upcoming California women’s march which was cancelled for fear of being “too White.” In France, yellow vest protesters descend upon Macron vacationing at Bregancon Fort along the Mediterranean coast. Jews send a craft to the moon containing a holocaust survivor story and “the best of humanity,” thanks to the National Socialists. Just what we’ve been waiting for, Santa Claus will be a gay black man married to a White man in a new children’s book and Oprah endorses ‘Black Panther’ for Oscars nomination.

In tragic news, two Scandinavian women in their 20s were brutally killed while camping in the mountains of Morocco. Mother of Mollie Tibbets, who was killed by an illegal Mexican, welcomes an illegal teen boy to live in her home.

Trumps says America is pulling out of Syria and the Russia scare continues. Facebook is teaming up with the globalist elitist Atlantic Council to protect us from “fake news.”

On New Year’s Eve, leftie journalists will press The Times Square ball drop button and cry about how they are being oppressed and YouTuber Law is filling a complaint with the FTC about Patreon and PayPal.


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