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Italy's 'Far Right' Win, Biomanufacturing, Synthetic Life Forms & Mini White Baby Boom

The Wizard of Oz is being remade into the Wizard of Poz and Woman King allegedly received a 99% positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Peter Thiel presented 3 plausible future scenarios for the west but missed the most important thing. Italy votes in favor of the 'far right' but how far right is Italy's new female prime minister? Quaint towns in Spain are offering money for people to move and have children there. Venezuela is releasing inmates and they're heading straight into the US. 

We cover more on the manufactured energy crisis in Europe. NASA changes focus to a "new era" of Earth science and Bill Gates releases a strange video about corn.

Biden signs an executive order on biotechnology and biomanufacturing. New trends in bioengineering grow products made of mushrooms and synthetic lifeforms come into greater focus.

In good news, there's a mini White baby boom!



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