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James Watson Stripped of Honors, Anti-BDS Bill & Overpopulation

Episode 81 begins on girls who want to be boys who practice breast binding and former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen who agreed to testify before congress. Also, Katie Hopkins gets fired from Rebel Media and Julian Castro, former HUD secretary who helped Obama “diversify” neighborhoods that were “too White,” announced he’s running for president in 2020. Ginsburg is hanging on by a thread and Portland, Maine elects the first African born Muslim to city council. Somali immigrants in Maine claim they are what makes Maine great. Meanwhile, DNA pioneer James Watson was stripped of honors for saying that IQ differences exist between races.

As Marco Rubio pushes the Israel anti-BDS bill, we look at how leftie politicians are responding to it. In Israel, a secret cyber hacker firm Candiru goes unnoticed. Also, Israel is seeking $250B in compensation for Jews being forced out of Arab countries.

Later, a Vatican Bishop confesses that senior Catholic officials are paid by George Soros, hence the progressive stance of the Pope.


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