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Jeff Bezos $10B Bailout, 72 Types of 'Terrorists,' Netanyahu Dethroned By Crazier Zionist, Confirmed: Covid-19 Lab Made

Episode 187 begins with quick headlines. Gypsies are being flown from Europe to Mexico and are taking rafts to enter the US. Princeton removes Greek and Latin requirements to combat “systemic racism.” A lab asks the FDA to recall over 40 sunscreen products made with a known cancer causing carcinogen. Lana tells how to easily make a natural sunscreen.

Big tech groups are suing Florida to stop the anti-censorship law, claiming it’s free speech and Brave browser outlines it’s crypto DNS strategy. Amazon is installing a small “zenbooth” meditation kiosk in its warehouses so employees don’t go crazy. Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, wants American taxpayers to spend $10 billion to bailout his failed space flight company called Blue Origin.

A list with references was compiled to show 72 types of Americans who are considered potential domestic terrorists according to the US government.

A study claims that COVID-19 has no credible natural ancestor and was created by Chinese scientists who then tried to cover their tracks with 'retro-engineering' to make it seem like it naturally arose from bats.

The number of genital modification enthusiasts is growing. A ‘nullo’ or ‘smoothie’ is the term for men who voluntarily have surgery to cut their genitals off.

Germany is atoning for the ‘sin’ of colonialism over a century ago in Namibia after the country asked for reparations. Germany will give Namibia €1.1 billion despite Africa already receiving billions in foreign aid from Europe. Namibia also wants Germany to help build infrastructure, provide health care and create jobs.

Rivals of Israel's longest-serving PM agree to form a coalition government. Naftali Bennett an even crazier Zionist than Netanyahu might take control of Israel.



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