Weekend Warrior

John Wayne Unpersoned, White House Goes Globohomo, Identity EU & Trotsky

Episode 86 begins with a detective in the UK denied to work because he isn’t disabled, gay or black. Time's Up chief steps down over sexual misconduct claims against her son and Virginia Democrat Justin Fairfax is accused of rape, twice.

Swedish politician calls Hungry’s family plan Nazism and feminists want sex robots banned. Meanwhile, in Yemen pedophile murderers are publically executed and the west calls it a human rights abuse. Also, the Trump administration wants to make homosexuality legal everywhere In the world. Guy Verhofstadt tries to hijack the meaning of European identity and Japan is about to go through a tragic immigration policy reform.

American icon John Wayne will be banned forever for making 'homophobic and racist' comments in the 1970s. Trotsky comes to Netflix and a new Ghostbusters sequel is 'going back to the fans,' featuring an all male cast.



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