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Juneteenth Grift Turned Violent, Mockingbird Media Exposed & American Jewish Congress Wants Gab Gone

Episode 190 begins on more racial madness in America. Another statue of Saint George Floyd is unveiled. American blacks celebrate the new federal “holiday” called Juneteenth by posting their Venmos, CashApps and Paypals for White people to send them money but Juneteenth also turned violent. We’re told “diversity is American’s superpower” while racial tension intensifies. Black Lives Matter co-founder in Canada tweets asking Allah to give her the strength to not kill White people. A nonprofit started by BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors is under scrutiny for not reporting donations to the IRS. Meanwhile, she was buying mansions in nice White neighborhoods.

Dr. Aruna Khilanani who said she dreams of shooting White people in the head, tries to do damage control but instead elaborates further on her hatred for European people.

In Florida, a gay man drives his truck into a crowd of gays during a pride celebration but liberals first tried to blame anti-gay terrorism. Hungary passed a law to protect children from pornographic material or content portraying homosexuality or transgenderism to minors.

San Francisco saw a decline in population in 2020. The city is also letting shoplifters walk out of stores with bags full of goods, as long as it’s not over $950 worth of product they won’t be prosecuted. The same is happening in New York City where looters are walking away with charges dropped. Portland, Oregon is defunding the police and riots are escalating. An entire riot squad resigned in Portland following an indictment of an officer. Instead of charging rioters, police are being indicted for trying to stop them.

Crime is so bad in Atlanta, that the city’s nicest neighborhood, which is predominately White, is working to secede and form its own city due to a massive rise in crime. Of course, it’s being called racist. Also, the Washington Compost keeps publishing trash, this time on the “racist legacy of birds.”

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas had asked residents to conserve energy by turning up their thermostats remotely, claiming there is stress on the power grid.

Glen Greenwald exposes Operation Mockingbird bringing attention to the fact that the media is run by special intelligence. The American Jewish Congress calls for making an exception to the First Amendment in order to shut Gab down.



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