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Keemstar Says Red Ice Deserves to be Censored, Free Speech in America & Trans-Fatigue

Episode 117 begins on Red Ice YouTube channel deletion aftermath. Drama YouTuber Keemstar, who some claim is a "free speech activists," tweeted that we probably deserved being censored after watching five minutes of communists smearing us. After all, these are the only videos left on YouTube when you search for your favorite alt-news outlet.

Then, onto quick headlines. Police in the UK are investigating a ‘hate crime’ after a transgender 'woman' was turned down for a porn role because 'she has a penis' and trans cyclist Rachel McKinnon defends 'her' right to race in women's competitions. 'Experts' say you should indoctrinate your child about race starting at 6 months of age and Madison, Wisconsin calls racism a public health crisis. In good news, a global investigation into child pornography has reaped 337 arrests and the shutdown of the most notorious pedophile site.

Bernie is back after a heart attack and Verizon is thinking about selling Huffpo.

David Duke trends on Twitter after his “endorsement” of Tulsi Gabbard. Jim Fetzer was ordered to pay $450K to a Sandy Hook father for saying it was a hoax. Meanwhile, a family uses pole dancing to bond and a former ‘transwoman’ who regrets transitioning says parents encouraging their kids to transition is child abuse.

Jagmeet Singh, an Indian politician in Canada, says 'we don’t respect conservatives' and 'scholars' educate us on the difference between hate speech and free speech using cake. Extinction rebellion climate change zealots protesting in the street, anger a man going to work creating a funny scene.


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