Western Warrior

Leftists & Anti-Whites Fear Native European Spirituality, Your AI Soulmate Is Waiting For You

Idaho is introducing a bill to make it a misdemeanor to administer mRNA vaccines. 

Employees of the New York City Department of Education who refused to get vaccinated against Covid had their fingerprints and files sent to the FBI. East Palestine in Ohio is running a digital medical ID program tracking conditions. 

Hobby Lobby founder funded a billion dollar “He Gets Us” ad campaign during the Super Bowl trying to sell Jesus to liberals. We discuss the push for liberal Christianity and the great fear leftists have of native European spirituality. 

The American IT company Palantir is helping Ukraine gain a 'digital advantage' on the battlefield. Alex Karp, the founder of Panatir said he was most proud that his company's AI "made sure right-wing governments were not elected in Western and Northern Europe.”

Also, Microsoft's Bing AI gets creepy and manipulative. 'Experts' say people will soon live their entire life in the metaverse. The push is on to make AI your companion, parent, child and friend.



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