Weekend Warrior

LGBTQ Child Groomers & US Biolabs Researched Gene Specific Bioweapons In Ukraine & Georgia

Episode 219 begins on the very popular series set in the Viking era called The Last Kingdom, which just introduced a fictional black priest "from Rome."

Leftist activists and perverts are now offering "sex ed" summer camps for little kids to "explore sensations that feel good." A female liberal Denver district attorney dropped murder charges against a man who killed a Trump supporter and a rabbi is "queering up" a Jesuit Catholic University in San Francisco.

The approved $1.5 trillion federal spending bill allocated billions to programs to fight "disinformation and hate."

The Zelenky hypnosis continues as women now fantasize about the Ukrainian president. Zelenky suggests that Jerusalem should host negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. The American ruling class do not want a prosperous stable Europe which would include a German-Russian-Italian axis. Russia is banned from everything but they don't seem to care.

As we see energy shortages and price hikes, the US Energy Secretary says drive a $55k electric vehicle if you don't want to be impacted. Vice President Kamala Harris thinks Ukraine is part of NATO and that White Ukrainian refugees is funny.

The big focus is on the US biolabs in Ukraine and the creation of bioweapons. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation issued a statement saying that based on evidence uncovered, it is highly likely that one of the objectives of the US and its allies is to create bioagents capable of selectively targeting different ethnic populations. Meanwhile, the WHO is blaming the Ukraine conflict for more diseases to come.



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