Weekend Warrior

Liberal Amy Coney Barrett Nominated, Election Fraud & CNN Bolster Antifa Again

Episode 161 begins with quick headlines. Legally owned firearms are seized in Virginia and billboards are popping up in Canada encouraging mostly White people to opt for a childfree life.

Amy Coney Barrett was nominated as a Supreme Court Justice but she’s not our gal but she is better than RBG. As Trump picks a third justice, Democrats introduce a bill to limit terms on justices and how many a president can pick in one term. Trump panders to black voters by introducing a $500 billion “Platinum Plan” to make them happy.

Will the presidential election be rigged? While Democrats are certain Biden is going to win and that they’ll have to remove Trump by force, ballots for Trump are being discarded. Bloomberg is also busted bribing felons to vote for Biden.

A huge lockdown protest in London led to police brutality against English people and in Germany a doctor was arrested for telling the truth about Covid-19.

BLM/Antifa violence continues and a senate report links Hunter Biden to a ‘prostitution or human trafficking ring.’

In Fennoscandia, the Nordic Resistance is banned in Finland. In Sweden, Tommie Lindh’s killer cries racist and another Swedish boy is killed by a migrant for his jacket. In Gothenburg police is loosing control to criminal immigrant clans.

PM Viktor Orban says European Christians will establish "settlements" in Hungary and we hope he means to extend that to all Europeans fleeing globalist policies in Europe.



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