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LibFlix, Cambridge Analytica's Nothingburger & UK Football Lads Protest Rape Gangs

Episode 57 begins with quick headlines starting on the huge caravan of Honduras invaders heading for the US, protected by a group of volunteers called People Without Borders. In a tiny, poor Ozark town a human resource workshop called Hispanics 101 is taught by a Puerto Rican. Anti-Russia hysteria continues as western countries follow the US and expel Russian diplomats. In Brazil, the demand for European, light haired, light eyed sperm skyrockets and Lt.-Gen. Richard Clark told the Jerusalem Post that American soldiers deployed at the new US Army base in Israel will “die to defend the Jewish state.”

Netflix hires former national security adviser Susan Rice, the same woman who lied repeatedly about Benghazi. Sweden retracts an utterly crazy child marriage brochure, only after public outrage. In England, another Muslim woman pushes her way into a European beauty pageant citing the need for “diversity.” She won't be wearing a bikini.

In France, an 85 yr old Jewish lady was stabbed to death by her Muslim neighbor for money. The media and French authorities immediately called it an antisemitic attack. Jews took to the streets claiming they need more protection and blamed nationalists.

Meanwhile, in Telford the Football Lads Alliance demonstrated against rape gangs, pedos and Islamification of the UK while lefties protested them for being racist. In America, Cambridge Analytica is all the rage but it's a big nothing burger and Amy Wax, a Jewish Penn professor, is in hot water after saying that Anglo-Protestant cultural norms are superior and that everyone wants to go to countries ruled by white Europeans.


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Too Many Women At University?

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