Western Warrior

Lockdowns Are Back, Vaccine Skepticism Is Murder, Mass Protests Against Mandatory Jabs & Covid Passports

Episode 193 begins with Vancouver, Canada where a female city councilor was helping distribute "free and safe drugs," including heroin, meth and cocaine with the Drug User Liberation Front in front of the police department. Johnson & Johnson recalled five sunscreen products after the public was alerted to the fact that they use a cancer causing chemical in their formula. This isn’t a first for Johnson & Johnson though, who also released a “safe and effective” vaccine.

In the UK, a review commissioned by the government says that British people should be eating less meat and that sugar and salt must be taxed. In New Zealand, farmers protest new environmental regulations and taxes. In the US, the Federal Communications Commission gave Amazon the clearance to create a bedside radar device meant to track people in their sleep.

CNN says Fox News is killing people by questioning the Covid vaccine and they also want to force half the country to be injected with it. As door to door vaccine awareness teams begin knocking, documents reveal their tactics. A study in the UK finds that people who have been vaccinated make up 47% of new Covid cases. An FDA presentation from 2020 shows, for a brief second, the long list of serious Covid vaccine side effects. Over 11,000 are dead so far from the Covid vaccine in the US.

Canada secured Pfizer booster shots until 2024 and Israel launched a “Happy Badges” system for vaccinated gatherings. Massive protests took place in Greece and France against mandatory Covid vaccines and vaccine passports. Macron wants to put people in jail for entering a public place without a Covid pass. The EU unveiled plans for a digital ID wallet also tied to the Covid vaccine passport.

Another Hollywood producer is busted for running an international prostitution ring and pro-pedophile Antifa came out to protests normal people who objected to a man - claiming to be trans - who showed his penis to young girls in the female dressing room at a spa in Los Angeles.



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