Western Warrior

MAGA Republicans Took Dark Brandon’s Bait, Lord Of The Rings Subverted, Only One Indigenous People In Europe?

Episode 240 begins with Republicans who took the dark Brandon meme bait after Biden's "soul of the nation" speech. Democrats declare war on MAGA Americans. 

The new Lord of the Rings series spin off, The Rings of Power has been released on Amazon and as expected it was most concerned with inclusion and diversity in Tolkien's Middle Earth. At the Venice Film Festival, a "sexy bisexual cannibal" prompts the longest standing ovation ever. Also, pedophiles in the film industry are at it again. An English teacher at Franklin High School says don't judge people who want to have sex with a 5 year old. 

The Times of Israel releases an outrageous article claiming that Jews can never be racist. The BBC pushes the lie that the SAMI are the only indigenous people in Europe. 

Napa Valley experienced a very slow tourist season and insane electric bills are coming to Europe. In a good trend, many are considering acquiring dual citizenship via right of return and moving overseas. 

Later, experts say that quantum computing is as important as the atomic bomb, if not more.



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