Weekend Warrior

Mask Burning Protests, Dr. Seuss The Progressive, Genghis Khan 'The Greenest' Mass Murderer & Iceland Erupting

Episode 177 begins on mask burning protests across Idaho. The US passed another stimulus bill with billions not going to working class Americans and Biden thanks Indians for “taking over the country.” A new trend has developed where White people are being fired for racial discrimination after looking at a non-White person. Also, more hate hoaxes emerge. In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott announced he plans to sign a bill into law that would prohibit social media companies from censoring Texans’ viewpoints online.

We look deeper into Dr. Seuss after his publisher discontinued several of his titles for being racist. Also, liberals call Genghis Khan “the greenest” invader in history for mass murdering millions, removing their carbon footprint.

A report on climate change says the world needs a pandemic lockdown every two years to meet Paris carbon emission goals. Anti-lockdown protests continue in Sweden and earthquakes shake Iceland. Are volcanoes next?



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