Weekend Warrior

Mass Shootings Peaked in 2019, NYT “Jewish Genius” Controversy & Kevin Spacey's Sexual Assault Accusers All Die

Episode 126 kicks off with quick news, including two breaking stories involving a US shooting and a stabbing. Virginia Governor ramps up the effort to take guns in Virginia. Angela Merkel’s government is preparing a new bill that will force ISPs to hand over data, including passwords, of those accused of engaging in “hate speech” online. Betelgeuse is acting strange. Is it ready to go supernova? Surveillance cameras have been installed at the London gravesite of Karl Marx in order to protect his grave from vandalism.

The NYT is attacked for all the wrong reasons after publishing a piece titled, The Secrets Of Jewish Genius. The war on White suburbs continues as a bill in various states is passed to force cookie cutter neighborhoods to diversify under new zoning changes. We discuss how

Agenda 2030 and the fake environmental movement merges with the globalist and anti-White agenda. Russia is testing their own internet, the US Army is preparing its biggest deployment of troops to Europe in 25 years and Trump establishes US Space Force. Hungary's Viktor Orban says EU's mass immigration policy is a "grave mistake" and will dominate the 2020's. Later, Kevin Spacey's sexual assault accusers all die strange deaths, including the ex-husband of Norwegian Princess Martha Louise, who has a new odd bisexual shaman boyfriend from Africa.


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